Women’s Moon Circles

Are you feeling the call?

Official Circles of The Wild Woman Project, these monthly gatherings are a space for women to gather in conscious community with one other to welcome in and celebrate the New Moon of each month. Cycle by cycle, we circle up setting powerful intentions for the cycle ahead and our life, and shedding what no longer serves us. In this community you are heard, held, felt, seen, lovingly supported, and empowered by the collective sisterhood around you!

Now more than ever in a time when many people are starved for real connection, we need these sacred spaces to foster a deep, true connection within ourselves, and within our communities. Are you feeling the call to drop into our collective of the divine feminine? Welcome home, Sister. Join our Women’s Moon Circles.

Join the Sacred Sisterhood

Stay up to date on our monthly moon gatherings and other special events specific to the divine feminine.