Women’s Moon Circles

Women’s Moon Circles

New Moon & Full Moon Circles

Women’s Moon Circles, led by Stephanie Marino, are held twice a month- at the New Moon and the Full Moon.

A Women’s Moon Circle is a ceremony honoring the inherent rhythms and cycles within our bodies and in the natural world. Our feminine hormonal systems reflect the same 28(ish) day cycle of the moon.

Gathering at the New Moon and Full Moon is a powerful opportunity to connect with these natural cycles and explore their direct impact on our bodies and in our lives- mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

This ritual experience is an invitation to pause from the busyness of life and drop in. You’ll tune into your heart and body, reconnect to the deeper parts of yourself, and remember that powerful current of inner guidance pulsing through you.

Setting aside time for yourself in this way each month is nourishing, restorative, and replenishing. This tiny but mighty pause instills the insight and guidance needed to move your life powerfully forward with grace, ease, trust, and surrender.

What to Expect at a Women’s Moon Circle

Women’s Moon Circles are a sacred ritual that honors the way women used to gather many years ago. A time when there was reverence for our natural cycles and the natural world.

You can expect breathwork, music, candles, guided meditation, visualization, internally led divination, journaling, group sharing, a yoga flow, community, and more.

Each month, we explore a shared theme collectively and individually. You’ll have a direct experience of your relationship to that particular frequency through astrology, energy, spirituality, and the rhythmic cycles and seasons of nature and your body!

You’ll leave a Women’s Circle feeling connected to your body, expanded in your heart, in reverence to your natural cycles, and grounded in your innate wisdom.

About the New Moon

The New Moon, occurring once a month, is an invitation to start fresh, initiate a new chapter, and set meaningful intentions for your life and the cycle ahead. It’s an opportune time to slow down from the busyness of life, quiet the mental activity, and drop into yourself. A Women’s Moon Circle at New Moon time is a powerful invitation to tune into your heart and body, reconnect to the deeper parts of yourself, and remember that powerful current of inner guidance pulsing through you.

About the Full Moon

The Full Moon, occurring once a month, is the halfway point in the lunar cycle. It’s an opportunity to slow down and check in with yourself and the intentions you set at New Moon time. It’s an excellent opportunity to see where adjustments and shifts can be made. Typically, Full Moon time is when we’re energetically supported to release and let things go.

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About Stephanie’s Moon Circle Training

Stephanie trained with Chris Maddox, the founder of The Wild Woman Project. She has been holding Women’s Moon Circles for over seven years. Since completing her training in 2016, her circle facilitation has evolved to include additional elements of her unique coaching, teaching style, and yoga.

While Stephanie’s Women’s Circles are derived from The Wild Woman Project methodology, Stephanie puts her unique spin on these ritualistic experiences.

What Circle Participants are Saying

“…Stephanie’s New Moon Women’s Circles… [have] been my lifeline. I’ve been going through a challenging transition in my life and business, and Stephanie’s Moon Circles have been the one safe space where I can share in real life. They’ve made a huge difference in my feeling supported and my ability to show up for myself when the challenges feel overwhelming.

Stephanie brings a grounded and embodied presence, wisdom, compassion, and depth that is all too rare these days. She brings elements of her continued growth into the circle as she so beautifully leads. I highly recommend her!”

-Lauren Piro


“Circles with Stephanie helped me find a sense of community. They helped me align with myself and see myself in others. Women’s Circles remind me how we’re meant to gather, share, and support each other. There is something so sacred, primal, and fundamental about these Women’s Circles. It feels like a connection to my ancestors. I’ve had some of my wildest, most spiritual experiences during circle. While connecting with others, I’ve connected to myself. I’ve gained friends and self-love from Circle.”

-Ali Perone

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