Life Coaching

Become the Best Version of Yourself!

Coaching changes lives! Coaching is a highly individualized & transformative process that helps you rise into your fullest potential, maximize your self-confidence, empower your mind, expand your soul and awaken to an extraordinary life!

You will move past all your mind-made limitations and achieve things you currently believe impossible. You will be empowered with confidence, direction and clarity while learning essential tools and strategies to successfully create the change and improvement you deeply desire in your life.

What is Life Coaching?

Having the Support of a
Coaching Relationship:

  • Assists you in becoming the best version of yourself!
  • Brings you significant balance, happiness, well-being & inner peace.
  • Helps you find fulfillment and the deeper meaning of life.
  • Teaches you how to cultivate inner-courage and trust yourself.
  • Inspires you to pursue your dreams and desires- despite fear.

Coaching is for You if You’re Ready to:

  • Become the highest, most elevated version of yourself & feel empowered.
  • Step outside of your comfort zone, meet your edges and move beyond them.
  • Try new ways of doing, thinking and being & meet a new you.
  • Make powerful and impactful changes in your life & feel greater joy.
  • Have fun & give yourself permission to play!

Coaching is for You if You’re Ready to:

Reflect on and assess all areas of life where you desire change and improvement, discover the inter-connectedness between all areas of your life, and see how each part affects your happiness and health on the whole.

As a client, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of trusting yourself in being the leader of your life.
  • The tools of empowerment to create desired changes in life.
  • How to make the right decisions, in both the present moment and for the future.
  • How to access & cultivate the deep internal guidance system within.
  • How to become aware of seeing yourself as the best resource in your life.
  • How to master the problem solving skills discussed & modeled during coaching sessions.
  • Effective decision making skills, problem solving processes & tools for empowerment.

What Clients are Saying:

Here’s How it Works:

Stephanie Marino Health Coaching Services are held virtually or in-person at Bridgeworks in Long Beach, NY. Our first step is a Deep-Dive Coaching Session. After that, if there is a natural resonance to work together, we’ll discuss the different coaching packages and options available. Each client is different and their plan will be customized according to their specific needs, requirements, and goals.

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