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Health Coaching with Stephanie Marino

Here we take a different approach to health, wellness, weight loss & above all, mindset.

The first thing you’ll learn

Is how to forget everything you’ve been taught…

About food, health, weight loss, and wellness.

  • Are you at battle with your body & in a tug-of-war with your weight?
  • Feeling frustrated by the constant sense of failure & defeat despite your best efforts?
  • Is emotional, stress & binge eating sabotaging your weight-loss efforts?
  • Sick of the yo-yo dieting, portion-controlling, harsh detoxing, counting calories & all the restrictions?
  • Overwhelmed and confused by all the contradictory nutrition information out there, and don’t know which way to go?
  • Is obsessing over food consuming your mind all day long?
  • Are you constantly worried about staying under your daily calorie budget?
  • Do you feel anxiety about social events involving food because you won’t be able to control yourself?
  • Feeling impatient and disappointed because you so badly want to see results?
  • Do you compulsively step on the scale to let the number dictate your self-worth?
  • Are you tired of not feeling good enough and comparing yourself to others?
  • Annoyed by all the negative thoughts weighing you down and the incessant inner self-critic that doesn’t stop?
  • Are you fed up with beating yourself up?
  • Do you have a constant need for external validation & worry about what others think of you?
  • Is the impulse to people-please preventing you from acknowledging your own needs and creating resentment and bitterness?
  • Is your lack of self-esteem & confidence severely limiting your life?

I’m so glad you’re here. You’re in the right place

How Health Coaching can Help:

You’ve been putting a lot of pressure on yourself for a really long time. You’ve been very unkind to yourself, often speaking harshly to the reflection in the mirror.

You’re close to giving up hope. You’ve tried everything and nothing sticks. You keep finding yourself right back where you started. Reaching your desired goals feels like a never-ending uphill battle.

Just as you make a little progress, something derails you. You slide right back into old patterns and getting on track again feels near impossible.

It’s an endless, vicious cycle of self-sabotage.

Feeling like a failure because you can’t control your cravings. Beating yourself up after a binge because “you should’ve known better.” And frustrated that your impulses override your lacking will-power, time and time again.

How bad you wish the self-sabotage would end. You see it as the one thing standing in between you and your weight-loss goals.

You’re burnt out and feeling defeated. You’re sick of living like this, you desperately want change, and deep down inside you know there’s another way… You’re right.

There’s another way…

If what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked, it’s safe to say it never will. Instead, why not try something new? Something you’ve never done before?

If you are committed to getting food figured out once and for all…

If you’re ready to heal your body for good…

If you’re ready to reclaim your self-worth and restore the inner confidence you once had…

If you’re ready to take your first step toward real, sustainable, lasting change…

If you’re ready to finally feel happy, free, and at peace… then read on

Here we take a different approach to health, wellness, weight loss & above all, mindset.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I do not teach weight loss. I do not encourage a focus on weight loss. And I will never promise weight loss. In fact, my approach to health and wellness has nothing to do with weight loss.

Why? Because your very focus on weight loss is what’s keeping you from attaining it.

Instead, you will learn how to ditch the very idea of weight loss and instead commit to developing a healthier, more nourishing relationship to food while gaining a better understanding of how your body is truly communicating with you. You’ll cultivate a deeper intuitive alignment to your inner needs.

Through the lens of patience, positive self-regard, and awareness, you’ll begin tuning into your body’s needs in a new way. You’ll develop the skill of listening in order to be effortlessly guided toward wiser, more intuitive food, mindset, and lifestyle choices.

You’ll begin relating to yourself from the inside-out, not the outside-in. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to cultivate a deeper sense of self-worth, not based on eventual goal-attainment, external appearance, or external acceptance.

You will gently be guided in throwing everything you’ve been taught out the window (including the scale) because it’s been keeping you stuck for far too long. Together, we will start from scratch, building a new foundation of health— simply, sustainably, enjoyably, and with ease.

Improve your body image, repair disordered eating, build confidence, and learn to love yourself.

Your individualized health coaching program will support you to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you!
  • Apply the tools to integrate the proper nutritional choices for your unique body.
  • Deepen your understanding of how your body communicates with you and how to decipher the messages.
  • Explore a new understanding of emotional, compulsive, stress, and binge eating.
  • Learn the necessary tools to effectively deal with, manage, and navigate unhealthy eating patterns.
  • Discover a new perspective of your cravings and the practical application to manage them.
  • Create a friendly, loving, harmonious partnership with yourself and your body.
  • Transition toward sustainable health by gradually implementing a lifestyle shift.
  • Apply the proper mindset shifts to experience more peace, joy, and presence.
  • Experience a significant increase in energy, confidence, and full self-expression.
  • Build a solid inner foundation of health by learning how to truly love yourself from the inside.
  • Fully let go of the need for external validation and build a foundation of internal validation.
  • Cultivate greater self-care rituals to significantly reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.
  • Feel a deeper connection to yourself and get back to the YOU you know you are deep down inside.

Heal the relationship with your body & food.

Find new peace of mind. Change your life forever.


As a Holistic Health & Life Coach, my job is to guide individuals out of unnecessary suffering so they can experience true transformation in body, mind, and spirit.

Through a supportive, co-creative Health Coaching Relationship, I provide you with ongoing professional guidance to gradually work towards your goals. You’ll cultivate sustainable lifestyle and mindset shifts, helping you heal from the inside out.

I take my clients through an extremely effective process designed to gently and sustainably restore them back to balance, one step at a time.

This is not a “one size fits all” approach, because everyone’s needs are different. Through an individually customized coaching plan, we’ll implement the practical tools and necessary strategies to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

You’ll get support in navigating through the world of contradictory health and wellness information and learn what works best for you while exploring basic improvements. In a way that is fun, flexible, and free of denial, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of your unique body’s needs. You’ll gradually implement the proper shifts to increase energy, boost confidence and restore overall health and well-being.

Health is an inside job, which is why we take an inside-out approach.

Clients of my health coaching program achieve extraordinary results, including an increased sense of self-respect, enhanced self-esteem, greater fulfillment, healthier relationships, and an overall positive outlook on life.

I work with dedicated individuals committed to their personal growth and development, those who understand and value the power of gradual progression. This is not a quick fix or magic pill, nor does it guarantee overnight results. Rather, it’s a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery. If you are ready to step outside of your comfort zone, make significant changes in your life, dig deep, and fearlessly get to work, then let’s dive in!

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