What is Life Coaching?

The Benefits of Life Coaching:

  • Clarity and direction… to move confidently toward what you desire.
  • Guidance and support… to achieve goals effectively, timely & enjoyably!
  • Accountability… to stay on track.
  • Consistency, organization and proper prioritization… to make the most of your time.
  • Increased productivity and focus… to feel the momentum of motivation.
  • Greater optimism and a more positive outlook on life.. to feel your best every day.
  • Better self-care practices… for elevated energy levels and improved mood.
  • Improved health & well-being… to eat better, move intuitively and create a sustainable lifestyle that supports true wellness.
  • Increased self-awareness… for a healthier relationship to yourself and to others.
  • Mindfulness and mindset reframe tools… to have more joy, peace and harmony. 
  • Improved interpersonal skills… to have healthier relationships & deeper connections.
  • Effective critical thinking & crisis management skills… to navigate difficult situations with ease.
  • Clear and confident communication… for authentic and full self-expression.
  • Gain self-esteem and trust in your intuition… to feel more inner-confidence.
  • Enhanced spirituality… to elevate the relationship to yourself. 
  • Decreases stress, anxiety, overwhelm & rumination… for a healthier body, mind and spirit.

All areas of life improve when working side-by-side with a coach!
Coaching lovingly challenges, inspires, elevates and powerfully shifts you.
Coaching changes lives.

As a Holistic, Integrative Health & Life Coach, my mission is to fully & completely support you in becoming the absolute best version of you possible!

To help you create a thriving relationship to you, awaken to your extraordinary life and reclaim your power. You are the creator of your reality and I help you remember that.

Every day I get to be in the absolute joy of helping people transform their lives, witness them step into their highest potential, and achieve exponential leaps and bounds in physical health, self-confidence, body-image, mindset, relationships, purpose, career, creativity, spirituality and more!

I work with powerful women who are ready to up-level their lives, step into their greatness and create a life they love. Those who have a big mission and even bigger vision for the planet. Those in service to a higher power and humanity at large. Women who are dedicated and deeply committed to personal and collective spiritual development and growth.

Coaching is for you if you’re ready and willing to roll your sleeves up, take a courageous, deep look inside and get to work! If you’re ready to stretch beyond your comfort zone, welcome in BIG changes and fearlessly dive in. The experience of what’s available within a coaching relationship is waiting for you!

The time is not now to play safe, act small, remain unseen. You’re being called forward to rise up. To take up space. To be heard. To step into your greatness. You’re ready to step up to your next level of growth and open to the expansion of life. You are unstoppable. The time is now.

You have one precious life. What will you do with your time here on Earth? How will you make the most of it?

Coaching is for you, if:

Through our coaching process together, you will be:

Heard, seen, felt, listened to.

Supported in making significant changes & reaching your most desired outcomes in your life.

Assisted in getting clear on what you want to accomplish.

Given the proper tools necessary to meet your unique needs and successfully create the change and improvement of your desire in life.

Guided step-by-step in the process of becoming an active participant in your life.

Empowered to take responsibility for your choices, actions, and behaviors.

Taught how to implement sustainable lifestyle and mindset shifts to enhance and powerfully improve the overall quality, enjoyment and success of your life.

Supported in creating a sustainable strategy to achieve your most fulfilling life.

Through the coaching process,

you will be guided step-by-step in bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. You will implement sustainable lifestyle and mindset shifts which will powerfully enhance the overall quality, joy, and success of your life.

Reflecting on all areas of life where you desire change and improvement, you’ll discover the interconnectedness between all areas, and how each part affects your health and happiness on the whole.

By seeing how all areas of your life are connected, how each part affects the whole, where you’re getting stuck, and piece together a personalized action plan with the proper tools necessary to meet your unique goals.

  • Practical tools, sustainable strategies, effective game plan
  • Clear goal-oriented road map with specific action steps
  • Framework to identify & reach goals and desired outcomes
  • Achieve goals effectively, timely, and enjoyably.
  • Personally tailored approach to your unique needs and lifestyle
  • Successfully create the change and improvement you desire.

The Coaching Relationship supports the removal of obstacles, and bridges the gap for goal achievement and success. Client is given the proper tools necessary to meet their unique needs and successfully create the change and improvement they desire in their life.. You’ll identify where they’re stuck, which areas they’d like to experience improvement in, and then a clear goal-oriented road map with specific actions steps is created to begin moving the client toward her/his goals.

  • You’re empowered to take responsibility for choices, actions & behaviors.
  • Enhance and powerfully improve the overall quality, enjoyment and success of their life.
  • Develop mindset shifts & implement sustainable lifestyle shifts

You’re challenged, motivated, inspired and supported to become better, more productive, efficient versions of themselves. Our work together will lovingly challenge, deeply inspire, gradually elevate and powerfully shift you.

The Coaching Relationship:

A coaching relationship is an interactive, co-creative process which involves a coach and a client.
The coach helps the client in:

  • Awareness of where she is, who she is, how she’s showing up for herself in her life.
  • Vision of her goals, where she would like to be.
  • Insight into what’s standing in the way of getting there.
  • Strategy & Game plan of what to do instead.
  • Tools to remove the obstacles.
  • Long-term sustainability and maintenance for effective implementation of life-style change.
  • Creating desired outcomes and success in all areas of life.


Coaching helps you identify the areas in your life you desire change and remove the obstacles preventing you from getting there.

We look at where you are, where you want to go, what’s standing in the way of getting there, and then together we co-create a personalized action plan to successfully move you forward toward sustainable, long-term lifestyle change.

Life Coaching is:

  • A highly individualized and transformative process of positive change.
  • Supports you in identifying & reaching your goals, both short-term and long-term!
  • Empowers you with confidence, clarity, support & accountability!
  • Assists you in making impactful changes in your life!
  • Help you identify & remove obstacles and mind-made limitations standing in the way of your most desired outcomes in life.
  • Bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Teaches you how to implement the personalized practical tools and strategies necessary for you to succeed.

The Process of Coaching — How does it work?

When a coach and a client(s) commit to work together, they enter into a coaching relationship for a specified and agreed upon length of time, in which the client is provided with support to reach their health, lifestyle, mindset and life goals. Within this container, the coach provides professional guidance & the space for change to occur. The coach helps the client clearly identify and articulate her/his goals, the WHY behind the goals, and the things that have been standing in the way of achievement. Then an individualized, uniquely tailored action plan is co-created and developed (like a blueprint) to support the direction of the coaching.

The client is given support in identifying where she’s stuck and which areas she’d like to experience improvement in.

Then a clear, goal-oriented road map with specific actions steps is created to begin moving the client towards her goals.

A coach helps the
client see:

  • Where she is currently in her life
  • Where she would like to go
  • What’s standing in the way of achieving those desired outcomes.

The focus of the coaching relationship is on:

  • Clarifying goals- get clear on what you want in all areas of your life.
  • Developing mindset shifts to plan out and execute goal achievement
  • Implementing the practical framework, tools, strategies & accountability to ensure success.

The coach helps the client:

  • Map out the specific action plan.
  • Organize goals into tangible action steps for enjoyable and easeful achievement.
  • Align the focus to ensure an efficient, effective, realistic & successful approach.
  • Adjust the mindset to achieve your results.
  • Co-create empowered strategy & game plan to reach desired outcomes in life.

The most important and crucial things you’ll learn through coaching are the skills of personal empowerment & personal responsibility.

In other words…

You are the creator of your life. You are the master of your destiny.