Very often the mind aims to take control of our emotional experiences, as it attempts to justify, rationalize, make sense out of, shove aside what we feel. The emotions is a job of the body, not of the mind. What comes through our emotional body carries wisdom, insight, and is communicating things we need to hear and feel.

Let’s be frank, feeling shit is hard. It takes time and energy, and it’s easier to just push the uncomfortable stuff aside and create distractions, right?

It would appear that way…

But what happens over time is this results in a very unhealthy relationship to our Emotional Body. As we resort to the mind to figure it out, we create a massive internal disconnect within ourselves. As the emotional body attempts to communicate, it falls on deaf ears.

But it isn’t our fault. Most of us weren’t taught healthy ways of dealing with feeling. Most were taught not to feel. The cultural conditioning is such…

If you are a man, you were taught not to be a “cry baby”, “toughen up”, “brush it off”, “be a man”. If you are a woman, you were taught “don’t be too sensitive”, “you’re over reacting”, “stop being dramatic”, or the most familiar one, “you’re being bitchy”.

Everything we’ve been taught about our emotions is wrong.

The Emotional Dimension of our Being is one of the most profound messengers, constantly communicating to us and carrying important insight into what is working in our lives and what isn’t. When the space is not created and the tools not cultivated to effectively, positively and healthfully navigate through our Emotional Bodies, we do ourselves a great disservice. And stay in a state of dis-ease and imbalance longer than we need to.

We feel for a reason. It’s not just an inconvenience; it’s deeply instrumental to accessing joy in life. When we shove the tough stuff, we inadvertently shove the sweet stuff.

More so, ultimately what happens is inevitably the stuff we think we’ve done a good job at tucking away comes right back up in the next similar situation- aka our triggers.

The Universe is giving us exactly what we need in order to look at what we have to see.

No matter how much one tries to logically make sense out of what is going on emotionally, it’ll never be the medicine needed. We heal what we feel by feeling what we feel. There’s no other way through it 🙂

Interested in learning more about this in an experiential way? Join us Thursday, July 12th at 8pm for our New Moon Woman’s Circle in Cancer where we will be exploring to a greater depth the wisdom of our incredible Emotional Bodies, “our feeling waters”, as Chris Maddox, founder of The Wild Woman Project, says.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What are you thoughts on this? What’s your experience with navigating through your Emotional Body? Post in the comments below.

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