Did you know just TWO minutes in the morning is enough to change the entire trajectory of your day?

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Probably grab the phone, check texts, emails, social media or put on the news, yea?

If so, did you know, “You are literally downloading an anxiety and fear-based consciousness at the start of your day,” says Marianne Williamson, spirituality teacher of A Course in Miracles.

This download of anxiety first thing in the morning jolts the nervous system, raises cortisol, puts you in a fight or flight response and will most likely stay with you the whole rest of the day.

No wonder you’re stressed to the max?!

I have a solution for you!

Consider doing something a little different tomorrow morning, “grounding you in the emotional and psychological foundation of inner peace.” Yup, I’m talking meditation.

It’s simpler than you think. Here’s how it works:

When you wake up tomorrow, before you do anything else, spend two minutes with your eyes closed, taking deep breaths, focusing just on your breath. Every time your mind wanders and your thoughts begin to drift, gently come back to your breath. When the two minutes are up, slowly open your eyes and notice how you feel.

You meditated! Those brief moments of conscious stillness initiates your day in an extremely beneficial way. Meditation (i.e. deep breathing) calms and settles the nervous system, activating your rest and digest response. It alleviates tension in the mind and body. (And– huge plus- it relaxes the muscles in the colon, alleviating constipation and making you more regular!)

Meditating in the morning sets the foundation for your entire day, helping you make better, more sound decisions, making you feel grounded, level-headed, and best part of all, PEACEFUL!

All it takes is two minutes!

“My practice of 2-12 minutes, the past year and a half, has improved my life so much!” This comes from one of the students at my bi-weekly mediation class.

The simple act of breathing is an incredible tool, yet often underestimated and vastly underutilized. Meditation has the ability to profoundly change your mind, rewiring the neuro-pathways in the brain, and this has the power to seriously change your life!

Give it a shot tomorrow! I’d love to hear how it goes!

Want more?

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Share in the comments below! What insight do you take from this? How will you put it into action?

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