What Clients are Saying

Christina L.
“I’ve become a much better mom, wife, daughter, teacher and person because of this work”

I began working with Stephanie after having major back surgery. Not being able to physically do much was very unfamiliar to me and I needed help with being loving, gentle and patient with myself— all the things Stephanie helped me with. Stephanie taught me to get in touch with my body and ask what it needed. Sounds simple but the concept was foreign to me. I was used to doing what I “should” do and not what I wanted to do, and most often those should’s were back-breaking, vomit-inducing workouts, eating in a very restrictive way and doing for others what they could do for themselves.

I needed to learn to get back to me and take my life back. I was always giving and here I was in a place where I couldn’t really give but I had to take. I had to learn that it was okay to need others and even rely on them.

My therapist recommended Stephanie because while this ties into my therapy work I also needed a “how to” sometimes almost on a daily basis which Stephanie provided. At first I was hesitant because I thought I should be able to do this work on my own. But I quickly learned how coaching was helping me change my lifestyle and I began to see how therapy and coaching work together and I benefited from both.

I no longer struggle with “the shoulds”, I give my body what it needs, like naps and restorative yoga classes, and I don’t beat myself up anymore. I’ve increased my awareness and learned how to be present in my body. I’ve become a much better mom, wife, daughter, teacher and person because of this work. I have a healthier relationship not only with the food but with myself. I’m learning not only to love myself but to like myself.

I recommend this work to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle and become a happier, healthier version of themselves.

Lisa S.
“It’s clear that Stephanie was born to do this work.”

I am a complex person and it has been very hard for me to explain what ails me. I am extremely fearful and because of past trauma, have trouble knowing what my emotions are and trusting myself. From day one, Stephanie has been able to handle, support and help me. She has an intuitive ability to read and speak to wherever I am emotionally and intellectually at any given moment. I have never felt so fully understood and supported the way I do in working with Stephanie. She understands complex emotions, goes extremely deep in order to identify the source of the worry or problem, and address and analyzes it in a way that is deeply satisfying. I am astounded every single session at how well she does it. It’s clear her source of knowledge comes from a deep place within her. She was born to do this work. She truly and genuinely wants to help people. Stephanie has taught me practical tools I can use to help myself. She’s helped me understand and manage my emotions, trust myself and move forward.

Kim K.
“I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life!”

After only three sessions, I already feel such a difference! Stephanie is helping me look at myself in a whole new perspective. I’m starting to feel more confident, and capable of accomplishing the goals I have set for myself. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life!

Miranda S.
“From drained, irritated and shackled to calm, fulfilled and forever changed.”

Meeting Stephanie was kismet. She is one of the most positive and gentle souls I have come across. When I met her I was feeling drained, irritated and shackled. I was on auto-pilot, juggling a business, a family, marriage and aging parents. Finding time for me had become difficult and almost impossible.

Stephanie helped me break down all these layers and provided useful tools to manage how I was living. She guided me through ways to practice self-care, and inspired and motivated me to make necessary changes in my life.

She helped me articulate and achieve my goals both big and small, by doing what works for me. She makes the most difficult and challenging things easy. She guided me with care, affirmation and positivity. When I was feeling overwhelmed or incapable, she pulled me up. I left each session feeling I could do anything. She taps into what is inside of us, and helps it grow one step at a time.

Since working with Stephanie, I can see my thoughts and practices of how I embrace each day has shifted. I now prioritize differently. Thanks to my time with Stephanie I have begun to fill my tank, calm my mood and break free of my shackles. Meeting and working with Stephanie has shifted the course I was on and changed my life forever.

Samantha V.
“From construction engineer to industry-leading professional cuddler…”

Working with Stephanie has been exhilarating and life-changing. She is the real deal. She takes coaching to a whole new level. From my transition as a construction engineer to pursuing my full- time business as a professional cuddler and coach, I couldn’t ask for a better partner to encourage me and help facilitate as many breakthroughs as I’ve had over the two years I’ve been working with her.

With her guidance, I’ve come to really understand the how’s and why’s of what’s going on inside my own head, heart and gut. This has been essential and the main reason I’ve felt so empowered with shifting my career to something I value and am fulfilled in doing. I’ve made quick and effortless progress in my business and mindset shift.

In our time together, I’ve learned a lot about how I show up and what energy I bring into my life. I’m more intentional about the food I put into my body, I’m calmer in my business decisions, and I have more fun. I have less frenetic energy and feel more peace with just being. What I’ve learned through coaching has changed the intentionality of all my actions and the overall progress I’ve made— in my business, in my workout plans, in my relationships, etc. Even when I start having my existential crisis she’s able to help me breathe in and dig into myself with discovering and recreating who I am and how I show up in the world.

Stephanie is the real deal. She is a very deep listener who is not afraid to get to the core of what needs to be addressed. She’s helped me dive deep into emotional barriers that hold me back. She’s grounded AF and dances with the feminine and masculine energy in how she shows up. She is so good at shining a light on your gifts, desires, healing insecurities, and she empowers you to make a lasting and meaningful change in your life.

I work with a therapist alongside coaching with Stephanie, and I can’t recommend this enough. Here’s why: I can hash out the same topic with Stephanie and my therapist and tear apart very different pieces of that puzzle. For example, my therapist sees issues I bring in and helps me get to a stable point, which is all I sometimes need. Stephanie sees issues I bring in and helps me get them to a point where they’re not only issues anymore but I’m empowered with direction to tackle it head-on.

I recommend coaching with Stephanie to anyone who wants to make a major change in their life but they’re not sure how, or if you have a clear idea of what you want but are struggling to make it happen. She helps you feel and know that you’re capable of figuring it out how.

Tali H.
“I don’t wait anymore for the scale to tell me when and how to live my life!”

After the passing of my father several years ago, I fell into a depression and began struggling with emotional and binge eating. I was using food to numb my feelings and struggled with getting my body to my desired weight. This became exhausting, stressful and painful. I wanted my life back, I wanted my smile back and most importantly I wanted my Tali back.

When I met with Stephanie for the first time, I knew immediately she was someone I could connect to. I felt comfortable and safe to open up to her. I had no hesitations, but I knew this was going to be a lot of hard work and I was willing and ready to put my all into it!

Six months after working with Stephanie I can feel again! I feel happiness, I feel love, I feel my body telling me things, I can hear my intuition and I trust myself. I am not ashamed anymore of feeling pain, sadness, and grief and I don’t try to cover the feelings up. I’ve learned how to forgive myself and I’m starting to love myself!!! Imperfections and all! All of this has given me so much strength! It gave me the ability to go and chase my dreams and sign up for yoga teacher training!

I don’t wait anymore for the scale to tell me when and how to live my life. When I have a day where I want to binge, I don’t take a pack of laxatives anymore. Instead, I go for a walk, meditate or say my mantras. I never knew how helpful this could be. I’ve learned how to give myself what I need in the moment, let go of all-or-nothing thinking, control my impulses, make healthier choices and show myself love. I now live my life in the present moment!

Stephanie has been amazing and her passion for this work really shows. I never felt embarrassed or uncomfortable to share anything with her. She really creates a safe environment. I recommend the experience of coaching to everybody! We all need guidance in our lives.

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