The body is genius.

It has a natural, innate desire to be in a place of balance and harmony. But it can’t do it alone, it needs our help. Simply put, when we overeat or eat like crap, we’ll feel like crap. Bloating, gas, indigestion, heartburn, headaches, itchy eczema, breakouts, low energy, fuzzy head, irritability, the whole nine.

These are signals and symptoms, and they occur when our body is not in balance. For me, this occurs after I eat something my body doesn’t agree with. (Like my once in a while Domino’s indulgence. Yes, it’s ok to have guilty pleasures.)

My body goes haywire and I will feel it in two places:

  1. My stomach
  2. My skin

These are two of the greatest indicators that something is wrong internally in the body, and it will become apparent symptomatically.

Sour is the best way to describe the feeling. When I’ve eaten something my body does not agree with, my stomach gets bloated and full, and I feel blah and lethargic. Basically, I’ll feel like crap. Not coincidentally, my skin- the largest organ of the body- will also simultaneously begin to break out in eczema. This isn’t by chance. It is because every part of this extraordinary temple of ours is connected. Every single part. It is a perfectly crafted internal ecosystem of interdependency.

Therefore, what we eat will directly affect how we feel on many levels. It is our job then to heed the signals and act accordingly. Rather than attempting to suppress the symptoms altogether.

Through many years of practicing the art of tuning into my body, I’ve gotten pretty good at deciphering what serves me and what doesn’t. I’ve learned when I eat certain foods my stomach and skin will highly disagree, kicking and screaming, even though my taste buds will temporarily be smiling and dancing.

  1. Refined white carbs
  2. Too much refined white sugar
  3. Processed red meat and pork
  4. Dairy
  5. And Domino’s

Now, do I cut myself off from these things indefinitely? No way, because that’s not realistic. And seriously, who wants to deprive themselves of these things forever? Not this girl!

We can’t live in a bubble, having a “perfect” diet all the time (there’s no such thing). There are going to be times when we might overeat, indulge (or heavily indulge) in one or all of the above-said pleasures. And that is OK! The important thing is to not get stuck there for too long.

If, however, you are stuck there in a constant state of discomfort, feeling sour stomach and bloated after every meal, living off of anti-acids, chances are you’re eating foods that are disagreeing with the natural balance of your body; and may very well be in need of a complete re-organization of your diet, in order to bring harmony back to your system.

Here’s how I bring harmony back to my system after an over-indulgence in anything, including Dominos:

  1. Probiotics- It gets me feeling right when my tummy is feeling wrong. They’re absolutely essential. Every. Single. Day. Probiotic is the healthy bacteria for your gut, keeping your digestive functions working properly, maintaining regular elimination of toxins, keeping your immune system strong (yes, 75% of your immune system is housed within your gut!), and supporting a healthy weight.
  2. Water- Half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Take your weight, divide it in half, and drink that many ounces of water every day, minimum. Can’t stress this enough. Water helps flush your entire system out, including the circulatory system which is responsible for healthy skin. Chances are if you’re eating any of the above five foods on a daily basis, you are dehydrated. You can not be properly hydrated while maintaining this type of diet. Water not only balances your taste buds, eliminating cravings for salty, sugary processed foods; but it also gives your stomach a nice coat so you feel well, and are more inclined to choose nourishment rather than overdoing it on the aggressive foods that make you feel awful.
  3. L-Lysine- An amino acid that supports skin and tissue repair. Eczema has been a challenge for me most of my life. Since changing my diet many years ago, I have almost completely cured myself naturally. However, my body is still very sensitive to things that trigger an onset (i.e., see above). Since the skin is the greatest indicator of the body’s effort to rid toxins, I know that when I have an outbreak, either I’ve eaten something my body does not agree with or I am not effectively managing my stress. When this occurs, I know I have to give special attention to repairing my skin and rebalancing my body.
  4. Zinc- A mineral supportive of antioxidants, skin, immune system, and proper digestion.
  5. The first meal of the day = Raw, living, whole foods: Fresh fruit, fresh-pressed green juice, a smoothie, an apple, orange, watermelon, or handful of berries. In other words, some type of fruit or vegetable to support your body with the sustenance and powerhouse nutrition it’s craving.
  6. Movement- Sweat it out. The best way to release your body of toxins and feel light, good, and well is movement. My favorite is hitting a 90-minute yoga class for a head-to-toe sweat box class. Find what works best for your body.

In Conclusion:

Mindfully make nourishing YOU, your number one priority.


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