I’m teaching my first yoga class this Friday at Love Integration Yoga and I’m super duper scared. It’s really happening. I’m nervous & terrified & all the thoughts are swirling.

“What if it’s bad? What if I forget the sequence? What if I don’t teach well? What if they hate it? What if they hate me? What if, what if, what if…”

Fear is a sneaky, little trickster. We get led into believing fear is a sign NOT to do the thing, NOT to take the leap, NOT to get uncomfortable. But actually the exact OPPOSITE is true.

Fear is a sign of growth, of doing something out of your comfort zone which will elevate you, change you, and welcome you into your greatness. It’s an indication you’re in the right place in your Life- at Your Growing Edge. Nothing exciting happens in our “comfort zone”. Life gets stagnant & stale there and we tend to stay small & uninspired in our “safe” place.

When enough time is spent playing safe, we ultimately find ourselves feeling STUCK.

Although all the fearful thoughts inside my head are knocking at the door, I am not letting them in. Nor am I letting them halt me. I am acknowledging my fears, and see clear that they are not me, nor do they define me. I am allowing myself to feel the fear, and see this emotion as a natural part of Being Human. I am recognizing this fear for the opportunity it is, and I choose to dive right into it, head first!

Fear certainly has a valid place in my life, but never does it get to ride Driver Seat.

I’d love to hear from you.

What role does fear play in your life?

Has it stopped you from going after your dreams & desires?

How do you manage fear?

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