’Tis The Season! {Black Friday Pre-Sale. Available now through midnight, Dec 2nd.}

If you are like most women, at one point or another, to greater or lesser degrees, you’ve struggled with your relationship to your body.

Regardless of shape or size…

You’ve hated it, wished it were different, refused to look at it in the mirror, bashed it on a regular basis, pushed it to it’s limits & put a ton of pressure on it to BE different.

Perhaps you’ve also bought into the illusion of what I like to call the Whentality Mentality…

Which tricks us into believing that WHEN we get to a certain point in the future of looking a certain way, THEN, and only then, will we feel good enough, worthy enough, confident enough, ready enough.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

This mindset is EXACTLY what’s been keeping you stuck and struggling to reach your body goals year after year.

Here’s the good news.

When this mindset shifts, EVERYTHING shifts and your body follows. Your relationship to food becomes simple and makes sense. The stress dissolves. The guess-work disappears. The life-long struggle subsides.

When this mindset shifts, harmony in your body, mind & spirit is restored, as she (your body) begins thanking you for listening, acting and speaking with more kindness & love.

Want in on another secret?…

This all becomes possible with the WILLINGNESS to believe it’s possible. Followed, of course, by the right action.

Whether Einstein actually said it or not, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different really is insanity. And if not insanity, than a huge waste of energy!

Let’s not waste any more of your precious life force energy in 2020 doing things that don’t work! There is another way.

If you’ve had body goals on your vision board year after year, let’s get real… It’s time to do something different in order to have the results you know are possible.

Going beyond the surface level, I teach my clients how to recreate the relationship to their body, heal their relationship to food, and guide them into seeing their wholeness through the lenses of patience, possibility, self-acceptance and love.

My clients experience great results because of my comprehensive approach of spirituality + practicality + mindset.

Your Body & You: A Sacred Relationship is available to 15 special women this year

This Black Friday deal is only available once a year.

Your 4-Week experience includes…

  • Four 75-minute, live, group Zoom coaching calls led by me. Focused on food, body image, mindset, confidence & self-care. Including personalized coaching, practical strategy, perspective shift, mindset tools, body-love exercises, guided meditations, resources, fun sheets & more to support you through this experience.
  • Accountability support within an incredibly supportive sisterhood of 14 other women.
  • Concierge style support from me in-between calls, and assignments to keep you on focused, motivated & on track.
  • An individualized Holistic Health & Life Coaching Plan co-created by us, based on your unique needs and lifestyle. A step-by-step breakdown of how to bridge the gap between where you are and where/who you want to be, to support you through this four week experience and beyond.

Topics include:

  1. Your Body Hears Everything the Mind Says: How to change what you think, say and believe about your body and why this is the simple most crucial component of creating change at the root level.
  2. Forget the Calorie Counting: A radical approach to finding and sustaining your ideal weight and achieving inner peace and food-freedom.
  3. Your Cravings Carry a Sacred Message: How to listen, navigate & deconstruct emotional, compulsive & stress eating.
  4. Before the Binge & After: What to do, keep your cool, get back in control and not hate yourself into sabotage. 
  5. Bonus Session- Radical Self-Care for the Modern Busy Woman: Practical application of daily, simple self-love & soul-care rituals to avoid burnout, fill your cup, and learn how to put yourself first guilt-free.

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Once you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the information you need, including how to join the calls, as well as your first assignment to get started right away!

We begin Dec 4th @ 5pm EST. Followed by the 11th, 18th & 30th. Worried you might miss a call? No sweat. All calls will be recorded so you can jump right in when you’re ready!

Sign up now here. Buy now. There are only 15 spots and they will go fast.

Alternative payment options are available: Venmo, Paypal, Check, Cash & Credit Card. Please email me with any questions.

May we all learn to know and love the magic that is our body. Let’s step into radical self-love, fierce self-confidence and unwavering self-acceptance in 2020! I’ll see you inside!