It’s been a while since I’ve been here talking to you.

Since my last writing a lot has changed. This year started off with 50 million acres ablaze in Australia, killing one billion animals and wiping out one third of the whole koala population. Due to global warming. Then a global pandemic that kept us in our homes for 3+ months and left millions of people unemployed and in financial despair. Now, the biggest uprising of protests and civil unrest the world has ever seen, spanning 18 countries and all 50 states, in the fight against racism.

So here we are, at another massive culmination point, one that is long over due. Racial inequality and social injustice front and center.

Finally, the cries and pain of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community being heard, felt, seen- by ALL. Rippling out, catalyzing big change, individually and collectively.

White and white-passing individuals, myself included, becoming aware of race in a way they hadn’t before. Deeply reflecting on how they’ve been unconsciously compliant and unintentionally perpetuating racism through micro-aggressions such as jokes, silence, intentional segregation and insulation, etc.

Tough conversations now taking place between friends, partners, co-workers, strangers. Businesses small and large, corporations, big tech, schools, organizations, etc. all rethinking their diversity and inclusion policies.

I’ve been listening to and learning from a lot of (mostly women) leaders in the Black community, and the consensus I’ve gathered- and I’ll paraphrase respectfully- is, “I’m pissed it’s taken this long for you all to give a shit, but I’m glad you finally do. Now do the work.”

There’s so much I want to say on this topic (I’ve been burying myself in books, podcasts, youtube videos, social, etc.) but it’s not my place or my job, nor do I have the ability, knowledge, or direct experience with racism to teach anti-racism work. As I’ve heard loud and clear from those of color whom I’m learning from, this is not my lane.

Incredibly talented, intelligent, wise Black people, scholars, teachers, educators have dedicated their lives to this work, and they are who we should be listening to, taking direction from and investing in learning from.

(Links to their work below)

Being a Circle Leader with The Wild Woman Project, I share Chris Maddox’s vision for returning to our natural state, restoring balance to the planet, turning toward nature, dismantling the patriarchy, remembering what it means to be a “we”. And this is what I strive to bring into Circle spaces with my community and with my Circlers. (Link to upcoming Circle below)

All of what’s happening and the boiling point we’ve reached in this country (and the world) is a direct result of a grave imbalance that has persisted for far too long. White supremacy, the patriarchy, racism, capitalism, the climate crisis, etc.

Good news is there’s a natural order of things. Divine Intelligence has a way of restoring balance. The Earth has a way of repairing herself, just the same way our bodies do. There is an innate regulatory system that exists in all living beings.

Mama Earth is putting her foot down. Covid primed us for this. Most distractions stripped away. All eyeballs, hearts and heads turned toward the grave imbalance that has existed since literally the beginning of our country with the killing of American Indian indigenous people and then the enslavement of African Americans.

Mama Earth is guiding the repair of our humanity; letting systems that perpetuate greed, hatred, violence and racism crumble.

What we are experiencing is painful, intense, disorienting, confusing, and extremely difficult. And it is happening because it’s about damn time. The spiritual community has been talking about, awaiting and preparing for this for a long time. A paradigm shift, a new world, a mass awakening. We are living through history. What a time to be alive.

Everything you’ve done up until this point has prepared you for this moment. We’ve been in dress rehearsal. Now’s the main stage. All hands on deck.

Stay close to your practices- meditation, breathing, grounding, putting your feet in the earth, journaling, connecting with loved ones, intuitive movement, being in nature, etc.

Here I’ll share the work of wonderful people I’ve been learning from, should it also support your growth and learning:

  • Monique Melton : Anti-racism Educator, Podcast Host, Author, Speaker
  • Rachel Cargle: Writer, Lecturer, Public Academic, Developer/Facilitator of The Great Unlearn
  • Layla Saad: Podcast Host and NTY Best Selling Author of Me and White Supremacy
  • White Fragility: Why It’s so Hard to Talk to White People About Racism, by Robin DiAngelo. Can’t recommend this book enough!

Next four books in my queue:

  • Me and White Supremacy, by Layla Saad
  • How to Be an Anti-Racist, by Ibram X. Kendi
  • So You Want to Talk About Race, by Ijeoma Oluo
  • Race Matters, by Cornel West

A more extensive resource to go further:

Finally, an offering for my Woman’s Circle Community, and those new to the community…

New Moon Woman’s Circle in Cancer this Saturday, June 20th at 6pm. This New Moon coincides with a Solar Eclipse and the Summer Solstice, making this New Moon Solar Eclipse extremely powerful. Together we’ll breathe, meditate, visualize, set intentions, journal, be in the processing of what Life is asking of us. We’ll deepen our listening, commune with our inner wisdom, ask how to be in better contribution to the world and what Life is asking of us.

Thank you for taking the time to open your heart to mine. Now, I’d love to hear from you. Share in the comments below. What/who have you been learning from that you’ve found most helpful/inspiring?